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General features


The tubular anchoring system for lifting and handling Tubanclon responds to the needs required of precast concrete anchors edge with notable advantages:

1. Anchoring flush joint system. No hollow outside the insert is needed.

2. Fast system. In less than 3 seconds are easily achieved with workpiece clamping.

3. Turn system. This type of anchor permits the turning operation of the parts.

4. Security System. The system does not allow the possibility of a tie "false": the piece is securely fastened or is not at all.

Therefore, the system prevents human error. The move is unique anchor and no possibility to implement it in any way other than the right.

Pieces and additional reinforcements

The Tubanclon is designed to work together with some additional parts and reinforcements that necessarily must be placed for proper operation.


1. Tubanclón view.

2. View of the lifting hook, Manillón.

3. Omegas reinforcement.

4. Placement Caps and outdoor.

The Manillon is the latching mechanism used for lifting operations and lifting. In the picture below we can see how the piece fits.


There is a varied type of Tubanclon well as additional reinforcements that enable the appropriate selection for each piece to handle and transport.

  TUBANCLON System is patented and a trademark  

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Materials, regulations and finishes

The tubes used in the manufacture of these anchors respond to UNE 10255 and EN 10219, in grades S195T and S275j0H.

All materials used in the manufacture of these anchors are supported by the corresponding quality certificates.

The manufacturing process is done in factories certified to ISO 9001-2008 Standard.

The finish of the "TUBANCLONES"could be Black or Hot dip galvanized.

Other materials such as stainless steel or other finishes are made to order.

Instructions for handling and lifting

For proper utilization of Manillón element, you should read carefully the instructions Manual.

If you want any specific Tubanclon´s reference information, please contact us and serve your request.

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