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General features


Panel Grip is an anchoring system for mounting heavy coverings on walls.

Description of parts of the system:



1. Part MS1, bracket: is the basic part of the system. Structurally designed to function as a bracket that protruding from the plane of the floor, leaves the support or hang on the walls of the building closing.

The piece is made from hot forged chrome vanadium or melted in stainless steel.

The end of the piece that rests on the floor is wider and is equipped with an oblong hole for the proper positioning of the anchor hole to forged. The teeth can block the piece once bolted to the toothed lock washer, together are fully insured.
The other end of the piece is provided with a threaded hole where the stem is screwed to support the facade elements.

The thread enables perfect leveling of the piece to assemble.


2. Part CZ1, support cup: piece embedded in the precast concrete to be placed on the facade.

Its design allows to have a solid foothold near the vertical center of gravity of the piece, minimizing the horizontal forces produced by its own weight.

It produces projections on the inner surface of the piece and therefore its handling and storage is easier.

The piece is made of galvanized sheet steel, hot dip galvanized or stainless steel, according to the needs of the work.

Accessory parts


1. Arandela dentada (freno) para ser usada junto con la pieza MS1 al atornillarla al forjado.

2. Perfil “Gripalon”: pieza de perfil en C embebido en el panel.

3. Angular antivuelco LE: Pieza que se fija al panel por un lado y al forjado por otro para evitar el vuelco de la pieza de prefabricado.

4. Bayoneta L: Pieza de fijación a pilar.

5. Bayoneta BDF: Pieza dentada doble para unir dos paneles entre si.

6. Grapa adicional de amarre de la pieza MS1 al forjado.


1. Lock washer (brake) to be used in conjunction with the MS1 to screw the piece forged.

2. Profile "Gripalon": C profile piece embedded in the panel.

3. Anti roll angle LE: part that is attached to a side panel and the slab for another to prevent overturning of precast piece.

4. Bayonet L: part of fixing pillar.

5. Bayonet BDF: part serrated double to join two panels together.

6. Additional Clamp workpiece tying the MS1 slab.

  PANEL GRIP System is patented and a trademark

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Aplication field

Its features and design make it particularly effective in facades composed of heavy elements with an end load greater than 200 kg/m2.

The system "PANEL GRIP" has been specially designed for assembly and lift precast concrete coatings for building facades. Its features and design allow for quick and accurate positioning and securing of the panels from the floors of buildings with the following advantages:

1. Easy layout and placement of the brackets before sending the panels to work.

2. Elimination of expensive welding and the risk of incorrect or defective them.

3. Elimination of the aftermath of anti-corrosion protection.

4. Significant savings in the cost of using the crane to maneuver speed crash and be dispensable for the operation level.

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